Thank you to all who made this celebration of life for Grant possible.


Jay Jarman, Scott Furukawa, Dr. Roy Wong, Carl Ashizawa, Becky Ashizawa, To’o Paogofie, Dr. Alvin Fuse, Clayton Kimoto, Geri Ihara, Lori Yamashiro, Chester Lee, Herman Chang, Darren Lee, Virgilio Basilio, Dale & Cecilia Andres, and Dave Basilio.

The Waialua United Church Worship Team
(Virgilio Basilio, Dale & Cecilia Andres, and Dave & Rosemary Basilio)

The First Chinese Church of Christ Worship Team
(Nathan & Cynthia Chung)

Dale Andres (Songwriter for the musical tribute to Grant, ‘A Life Beautiful’)

Bernie Kim, Alan Fuse, Dwight Morita, Adrienne Lee, Darren Lee, Tracy Lee, Norman Chock, and anyone else I might have missed.

Written Memories:
Phil Mark (Obituary), Sharon Inaki, David Hirano, Choo Lak Yeow and Rennie Mau

Planning Committee:
Adrienne & Phil Mark, Marlene Lee, Linda Stringer and Norman Chock

Webcast Producer and Webmaster:
Norman Chock