A note From Rev. David Hirano

084590CC-7B08-43A0-A886-1699DA2BE301It is hard for me to believe that he has made the transition from this life into the loving embrace of Jesus Christ, the One whom Grant served with almost every part of his being. I had the privilege of being his co-worker at Nuuanu. When I was called to the Senior Minister position, he was youth worker, and as I worked with him, I convinced the personnel committee to change his title to “Associate Minister” and as a team the church grew. He shared in the preaching, in administering the Sacraments, and the administration of the Christian Education. We had a blast. Our staff meetings on Tuesday mornings were filled with laughter, and we got the work done. The church grew, the youth ministry grew, and it was a memorable time.It was during that time when he and Priscilla were married and had their children.

Grant was insightful, loving, a deeply spiritual and dedicated servant of God.

I was his mentor, but most of all Grant was my friend. His death has left a hole in my heart, but I am well aware that he is in the loving arms of Jesus, where he is not confined by his body, and where he awaits those who he loved to come to him.

I am deeply thankful for him and for the privilege of being his friend, his co-worker, and
his mentor.

Just one other thing, he and Sandra, my Spouse, share the same birthday.