A note from Kahu Choo Lak Yeow

084590CC-7B08-43A0-A886-1699DA2BE301Grant Lee was called Home to glory on July 28, 2020 after many years of serving our good Lord with distinction in Hawai`i and beyond. It was the joy of First Chinese to have played an influential role in Grant Lee’s journey of faith who grew up in First Chinese. Truly a son of First Chinese, Grant Lee is First Chinese’s contribution to the church’s mission at large.

I first met Grant Lee in 2002 when I moved to Hawai`i. He was then an Associate Conference Minister. When I was the Executive Director and Dean of the Henry `Opukahaiha Center running the Master of Divinity degree from the Vancouver School of Theology, Grant Lee greatly helped me by mentoring the Master of Divinity students, a vital role he played in enabling several students to graduate and then to serve churches in O`ahu.

Kahu Choo Lak Yeow