Tree Trimming

Tree trimming of the lychee, longan, bottle brush, and 1 shower tree will be done on Saturday, April 27, 2019.  Please be extra careful while you are on campus that day as everyone’s safety is of highest concern.  There will be heavy machinery, including an aerial lift, and truck and chipper as well as many falling branches in the frontage area.  Please note the following:

 The front gate will be locked while the lychee tree is trimmed

 The parking lot Mauka stalls will be coned off until the shower tree is trimmed

 Avoid all foot traffic on the front driveway until clearance is given

 Follow the instructions from the tree trimming crew, including our Church volunteers.

If you have a group meeting on April 27th, please advise all participants and seek their kokua on behalf of our Church.  If you have concerns please call Melissa Pang (223-4846) or the Church Office (593-9046).  Many thanks for your cooperation.