Help Needed

Our custodian is away at her father’s funeral services in Hong Kong.  While she is gone, your help is needed in keeping our facilities and campus clean and safe.

  1. After group meetings and activities, please put all trash in rubbish cans near the gym doors.
  2. Remember to turn off air conditioners, fans, lights and lock the doors.
  3. Check to see stoves and appliances are turned off in the kitchen; and alley door is locked.
  4. Check to see no one is in the restrooms in the gym and Founder’s Hall before locking gym and Founders’ Hall doors.

*Please help and be responsible: on Mon. morning, Feb. 12, at 9am, it was discovered that the Sewing Room sliding door was opened about 2 inches; Room 203 air conditioning was on (from Sunday till Monday); EXIT lights in the gym were on since Sunday; and one set of lights were on in the Conference Room. On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, the Founders’ Hall ground floor door was unlocked and the hallway lights were on.