First Chinese to shut down for 4 weeks

Our Board has made the decision to shut down the Church beginning next Sunday, March 22, 2020 and this will be in effect for at least four Sundays. This includes all Sunday services, Sunday School, and other group meetings and assemblies on Sundays. In addition all Church small group meetings will be cancelled during weekdays.. All outside users will not be allowed to use our facilities with the exception of Kama’aina Kids Preschool and ongoing construction. Pastors, office staff and custodians will continue to work.

We will be continuing both our English and Mandarin language worship services online, accessible through our website,, our facebook page at and through our email,

This was a difficult decision and was made to keep our members safe. Your health and safety is our highest priority.

You can receive updates concerning this shutdown from our website at, our facebook page at, or through email from If you do not receive an email from us, email to be placed on our list.