1. FCCCP’s uses the HORIZONS Curriculum to plan and provide developmentally appropriate activities to enhance the child’s whole development, such as:
    A. Monthly & Weekly Unit Study Themes
    B. Excursions such as… Walks around immediate community to learn about things and people around them; and/or by bus transportation to learn about other communities and people.
    C. School Readiness Skill Building & Hands-On Activities involving the following Learning Centers: Pre-Math; Language
    (Pre-Reading, Pre-Writing; Speech); Science, Art, Music and Movement; Blocks; Manipulative; and Home Living.
    (Please Note: FCCCP advocates developmentally appropriate, hands-on learning. We believe that children learn in the context of play. Written worksheets and “drills” are sometimes used as a teaching method in our preschool. )
    D. Variety of Outdoor Activities
  2. The FCCCP Lead Teacher plans and provides the developmentally appropriate learning activities focused on weekly or monthly themes.
    A. To develop the children’s interest, understanding, and skills in language; science; math; social, emotional, gross and fine motor control; spiritual emphasis; art; and music.
    B. The FCCCP Director reviews each Lead Teacher’s Lesson Plan on a weekly basis.

    • Center activities may be used repeatedly since children master skills through repetition and play.
    • All planned classroom and school activities are subject to change in keeping with the daily interests and needs of the children and the operation of FCCCP.


The FCCC Lead Teachers use a thorough and comprehensive assessment plan that help monitor your child’s growth and development. The assessments we use evaluate your child’s social/emotional, physical, language, cognitive, and spiritual development.

Teacher to Student Ratio

2 years old – 1:8
3 and 5 years old – 1:12

Food & Nutrition

FCCC Preschool will provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack for all the children in the program. It is approved by the Office of Child Nutrition and the USDA. The catered meals are provided by Keiki Gourmet. Menus are available for each month of meal service.

Parent Resource

  • Kindergarten Readiness & Planning: For kindergarten readiness standards and questions about the Department of Education Public Schools in your area check out this link:
  • For up-to-date information regarding Private Schools in your area for your child, click on this link:
  • Immunization: It is essential that all children stay up-to-date on immunizations. Forms are required prior to admission, and they are also required to be updated throughout a child’s attendance at school.
  • Keiki Hawaii: