Prayer Room


Prayers For Members & Friends

Kathleen Ai, Roberta & Fred Chang, Mrs. Lydia Cheng, Ted Ching, Jane  Chun, Brian Dang, Randy Hongo, Peter Hsu, Philip  Kam, Ethel Lung, Lois Mui, Anders Poon, Pastor Margery Terpstra, Fong Tom, Alice Wong, Edmund Wong, Henry Wong, Grace Yap, George Yokota, Corneil Lee, Annie Tsen, Gale Ling, Henry Lai, Haiyan Yu & son Enoch, Annette Hu, John Yu’s family coming to Hawaii, Emiko Kamei, Clifford Chang, Arleen Ho, Manny Barretto, and Arlene Young.

Prayers for our Church Board & our Officers

Lynn Zane (Chair); Melissa Pang (Vice-chair); Norman Chock (Secretary); Lily Lu (Assistant Secretary), Russell Mun (Treasurer); Reginald Fung & Judy Kuan (Assistant Treasurers).