Missionaries and Mission Organizations

Mark and Dayna Blair—Pioneers, Beijing International Christian Fellowship

  • Mark is an Administrative Pastor of a mega church that includes 5 congregations (by language) and conducts joint Sunday service in English
  • Dayna is director of youth programs and counsels women


Adeline Char—Kaimuki Community Church

  • Missionary to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Scotland and China
  • Started Christian kindergartens and children’s work
  • Permanent residence in Singapore


David and Narola Chun—American Baptist Churches, Campus Minister

  • Conducts campus outreach events and personally disciple international students
  • Ministers at the University of Hawaii Manoa and Hawaii Pacific University


Randy and Cheryl Lee—Global Service Associates

  • Serves primarily in the Los Angeles and Southern California area
  • Helps Christian professors minister to students and their colleagues
  • Facilitates networking and discussions


Anne Leland (Supported by Poo Tet Fui)

  • Serves at Meng En (Grace) Church in Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • Oversees Visitation, personal counseling, women’s work, English Bible classes


Merle and Claudia Wiens—Evangelical Free Church

  • Merle is working toward multiplying churches in Africa
  • Claudia with Student Ministries and Mission hostess


Bible Institute of Hawaii

  • Partners with churches providing Bblical training and education
  • Served the local community for the past 50 years
  • Ada Lum, missionary and facult member for 60 years


Child Evangelism Fellowship of Hawaii

  • Evangelize boys and girls in Hawaii with the Gospel
  • Disciples children in the Word of God
  • Shares God’s love throught the Good News Club and summer camp


Christian Vision

  • Randy and Gay Hongo, music ministers in Honolulu, USA, International
  • Founders of Christian Vision since 1984
  • Won the Na Hoku Hanohano Award for Best Inspirational Album of the Year


Hawaii Chinese Christian Gospel Mission Center

  • Located in Chinatown, Honolulu
  • Provide services for children and families, teach English, tutoring, senior activities


Jesus Christ is Calling You (Danny Yamashiro)

  • Organization dedicated to evangelism, leadership development and church planting locally and internationally


Institute for Human Services

  • Homeless shelter for men, women and children
  • Provides meals, medical care, counseling, job training, referral for housing


Kaumakapili Church Food Bank

  • Monthly food donations for families who are in need.


River of Life Mission

  • Located in Chinatown, Honolulu
  • Purpose: To restore broken lives through rehabilitation in Jesus’ name
  • Guests are provided a variety of social services, hot meals and clothing and free of charge


United Church of Christ Transition House

  • Started 20 years ago by Church of the Crossroads
  • Currently a member of The Council for Health and Human Service Ministries, UCC
  • Provides transitional housing and counseling services for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence


Women’s Board of Missions for the Pacific Islands

  • Organized in 1871and existed for 139 years, affiliated with United Church of Christ
  • Vision is to inspire and empower women to be active Christians
  • Promotes Christian work in the community and abroad


Youth for Christ

  • Campus ministry at High Schools for teens to know and learn about Jesus and to fellowship and serve with others.


Steps To Peace With God